Gaze of the Abyss


Game Summary

Gaze of the Abyss is a 2-player cooperative adventure about an explorer lost on the seafloor. While on a quest to find their uncle's long-lost ship, our diver protagonist finds themselves alone, blinded, and under attack by a horde of undersea nightmares lurking in every corner of the decaying wreck. With only the eye of a drone to navigate the labyrinthine ruins, they must find their way to the captain's quarters, uncover their uncle's fate, and get out - before they meet the same end.

In Gaze of the Abyss, one player - the drone - controls the free-roaming camera, while another player - the diver - has to navigate the ruins of the ship. The two have to work together to avoid enemies, solve puzzles, and achieve their goals.

Project Details

Team Members

  • Level and Systems Design: Andrew Chepega, Claire Yeash
  • Level and Narrative Design: Andrew MacDonald
  • Programming: Austin Laimos, Alex Hubble,  Annika Bair
  • Character and Prop Art: Samantha Arehart
  • Environment Art: Grace Magnant
  • Producers: Alex Stopen,  Michael-Paul HoKangYou 

Time Frame

  • February 2019 - Current

Created In

  • Unity 3D

      See more about the production process on my blog.

My Role

    I was the original designer of this game, when the team consisted of only five members, and was responsible for the majority of design work, documentation, and QA testing.

In the latter part of development, I was one of three designers on the project, focusing on level and environment design, game feel, and keeping our primary design documentation up to date for the team.